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Integrated Cabinet (Wireless)

  • Integrated Cabinet (Wireless)


SINDi’s Outdoor Integrated Cabinet (Wireless Access) is a green energy-saving product for outdoor communication station. It can be integrated with Main Equipment, Power System, AC & DC power distribution, environmental monitoring, battery and lightning protection ground device; it can be used as functional cabinet (such as Power Supply Cabinet, Battery Cabinet and Transmission Cabinet) to help operators realize the sites for easily selection, energy-saving and emission reduction, rapid deployment. Different temperature control solutions (heat exchange, TEC and ) could be optional, which can provide different temperature control methods for different cabinets to achieve efficient energy-saving emission reduction.



• Metal frame with sandwich insulation clapboard, good looking with good performance of heat preservation and hear insulation.

• 19” standard structure. In accordance with the size and installation space of the cabinet, other equipment’s installation is allowed.

• The standardized, modular design makes configuration flexible and expansion easy.

• A variety of temperature control solutions can flexibly meet the needs of temperature control under various climate conditions.

• Subdivision management and separate temperature control is good for energy saving.The flexible installation can support finished-product shipment and parts shipment (live assembly), to realize the rapid establishment of the station.



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