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Patch Cord & Pigtail

  • Patch Cord & Pigtail
  • Patch Cord & Pigtail
  • Patch Cord & Pigtail
  • Patch Cord & Pigtail
  • Patch Cord & Pigtail


Connector type: SC, FC, LC, ST, E2000 / PC, UPC, APC Patch Cord is equipped with connectors on both ends of the fiber, widely used in the field of optical fiber transmission system; Pigtail is equipped with a connector on one end of the fiber. SINDi produces a full series of patch cord and pigtail which include FC, SC, LC, ST, E2000 type etc.which contain single-mode and multi mode optical fiber or drop cable type. In addition, SINDi also produces armoured patch cord that can be directly laid in the center office and all kinds of atrocious weather condition Because of stainless steel casing, it can protect optical fiber from injury to improve security of the whole system.


Application environment

• Telecommunication networks
• Computer fiber networks 
• Fiber test equipment


• Small bending radius and excellent flexibility to meet the environment of fiber to the home and all kinds of indoor wiring.
• Stable performance, good compressive strength, tensile strength, anti-aging properties.
• Small diameter, light weight, strong practicability.
• G657A class optical fiber or customized, cost-effective, stable parameter.

Technical Index

Patch cord & Pigtail
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Atmospheric pressure
Insertion loss
Return loss
PC≥45dB,  UPC≥50dB,  APC≥60dB
Interchange ability
Meets YD/T826(FC/PC)、 YD/T896(FC/APC)、YD/T1272.1(LC) 、YD/T895(SC) 


Armored patch cord

The thickness of the sheath
Allowable bending radius
Tensile resistance
Crush resistance
Return loss
PC≥45dB,  UPC≥50dB,  APC≥60dB
Interchange ability


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