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Optical Cable Assembly

  • Optical Cable Assembly
  • Optical Cable Assembly


Connector type: SC,FC,LC,ST/PC,UPC, APC
The theory of the outdoor cable assembly is the same with the theory of the connectors. After stripping, trough branched splitters, the multi-core cable was divided into several bundle cables. Add flexible metal tubing on the branched cables in order to improve the mechanical property and environmental suitability.Then matched connectors will be made according to different requirements. It is mainly used on the building of the optical modules near the base stations.



 Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Atmospheric pressure
Wave Length
Insertion Loss
Return Loss
PC≥45dB ; UPC≥50dB ; APC≥60dB

Mark: Be accordance with the national standard and communications standard.



3.1  Optical fiber could choose single core ,dual-core or multi-core by customized;
3.2  Branched Splitter is made of nylon with strong weather ability. It makes the branched optical cable good airtightness and rain-proof function;
3.3  G.657A or customized type is usually used;
3.4  Optical cable’s  jacket is made of  LSZH material with smooth surface. And rat proof  material is also used in the cable’s jacket which could widely used at outdoor base station;
3.5 Branched cable is protected  by armor flexible metal tubing which could resist the damage of torsion, pull, pressure and rats.
3.6 Surface shall be smooth, clean, no oil pollution and burr-free.It have to be good consistency with no scar and no crack. All parts assemble smoothly,connectors and adapters match smooth-going and easily when inserting in and pulling out.



4.1   7.0 Schematic diagram of Fiber Cable:


4.2   2 Schematic diagram of Core branched Splitter:


4.3   Connectors with Armour


4.4   Dimensions:

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