MDF Protection Terminal Block

MDF protection terminal block can flexibly and reliably connect customer cable with telecommunications switch center cable, protect equipment and personal safety reliably. The block adopts IDC "insulation displacement connection technology”, flexible installation, front operation, reliable protective performance and high capacity. 

MDF Test Connection Module

Test connection module can realize the connection between jumper line and telephone exchange cable.The module adopts IDC “insulation displacement connection technology”, with reliable, flexible connection. It is widely used and highly meet the requirements of high density connection.

Protection Unit

Made up of FA9-240, FA9-240B, FA9-240E and FA9-240-KF module, the protection unit for MDF features strong insulation, reliable contact and protection against the following from the MDF:
Electric surge arising from lighting strike in the proximity of subscriber lines and exchange lines;
Short-time AC voltage at times of failure in power line, power equipment and system in the proximity of subscriber lines;
When over-voltage and over-current resulted at the direct contact between subscriber lines and 220V power lines, warning signal is to be given to provide Grade-1 protection on equipment and operator. This is widely used in ADSL services.

ADSL Splitter

ADSL Audio Data Splitter Unit in ZXSP series enables the splitting of audio and data signals. Working together with distribution modules, it is shifts the splitter in DSLAM to the side of the distribution frame to reduce the load of the main equipment and the use of jumper lines for each pair. In doing so, it helps to reduce cost and save on installation space. The structure and technical performance are in compliance with the telecommunications industry standards in PR China, including Specification for Main Frame(YD/T694). Technical Requirements for POTS Splitter in Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL). ANE Test Method-XDSL with POTS Splitter. The product is applicable to audio and data splitting at the side of distribution frame.

MDF Accessories

The main Accessories are Test Cord, Insertion Tool, Disconnection Plug.


Insertion Tool


Test Cord  


Disconnection Plug


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